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tv   NBC11 News The Bay Area at 6  NBC  July 8, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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now. >> thank you for being in with us. >> we begin with new details on the terrible story we showed you last night. it turns out there was a family of four that crashed into a medical building in watsonville. the search for answers into why that plane went down on takeoff. scott budman is live in watsonville with more. i understand they're on the scene and of course the families from across the country are reacting to this tragic loss. so sad when you see those young children died also. >> reporter: yeah. you're absolutely right, jessica. the investigation continues into this evening and it will for a couple more weeks. and we did hear from family members. the houghton family of four was on their way for vacation but shortly after takeoff their small plane crashed. as we now know, there were no
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survivors. >> everybody in the family is really devastated. >> reporter: that from a relative of the houghton family of santa cruz. dorothy, known as dd, david and their two children, like and ryan, ages 12 and 10. all four loved being outdoors and were on their way to such a vacation when their plane crashed moments after leaving watsonville's airport. the small plane hit the ground outside of the watsonville community hospital. then crashed into the building. >> in this case, we have four ground striations which are indicative that the propeller had cut through the tarmac. >> reporter: relatives we spoke to describe the houghton family as fun loving and adventurous. david who would have turned 45 years old on monday had earned his pilot's license about a year ago. he and dorothy who was 44, ran two small businesses in santa cruz. the family leaves behind
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relatives, both here in the bay area and in nevada. >> it is going to be devastating for a lot of people that know and love them. >> reporter: the search for answers continues tonight. it will for a while. the safety board says it will remove the wreckage of the plane and take it to a more secure location where they will continue to investigate. they say they should have some answers within five or ten days. in watsonville, nbc bay area news. >> such a heart breaking story. thank you. new tonight at 6:00, substandard supervision. a san francisco judge release ad confidential review of the parole of phillip garrido and the contents are scathing. it was conducted by the administrative offices of the united states courts. it claims parole agents failed to properly monitor the convicted sex offender during the 18 years he held jaycee dugard captive. among the criticisms parole agents ignored repeated drug
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violations, rarely made home visits and never talked with neighbors or local law enforcement. garrido is serving 431 years to life in prison. also new at 6:00, governor jerry brown wants rural home owner to pay for fire protection. the governor signed a controversial budget bill today that charges rural property owners up to $150 each for fire services. brown says population growth and development in unincorporated areas means taxpayers have to bear bigger costs of protecting property and formerly wild areas. as if to underscore that last story, a small grass fire broke out in the oakland hills today. it is now under control. the blaze broke out near redwood regional park at the intersection of skyline boulevard and redwood road. no reports of injuries. as you can see, there was a car that did catch fire. the fallout from the san jose police layoffs continue to have a trickle down effect. we talked about budget cuts
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forcing san jose to let go of 66 officers last week. now there is concern because all of those officers had specialized training to deal with crisis situations. nbc bay area's david trujillo is live with the consequences of those layoffs. damian? >> reporter: not only are we talking about fewer officer on the street but these officers were especially trained to deal with people who are bipolar or schizophrenic. that has many observers concerned. when they turned in their badges a week ago, these 66 san jose police officers also handed over a unique and valuable skill. they were member of the crisis intervention team, or cit. they're especially trained to deal with people with mental illness. now that asset is gone. >> it is of great concern. >> reporter: richard was instrumental in getting the last three police academy cadets trained in crisis intervention after several deadly officer
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involved shootings, involving people with mental illness, including daniel in 2009. >> the sad and tragic result is somebody eds up dead and it is usually the person with mental health illness. >> reporter: last week's layoffs cut the officers on the force by lnl one-third. from 234 to 168 today. in 2010, san jose police responded to 1893 calls involving people with mental illness. >> that's a complete and utter tragedy for the community. >> reporter: dr. greg sanseer trained hundred of officers to become cit certified. >> it gives officeter ability to communicate at a very high level. and many times under severe stress. the typical street officer doesn't have that training. >> reporter: even which have the chief's office admits it is a big blow to the department. >> it was a tough blow to swallow to let those highly trained officers go. to ruse 66 officers with that
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training, that's a huge investment the city has basically lost. >> reporter: he said the training is crucial for a person who might not understand why police have a gun pointed at him. the police department says it will pull officers from other beats if it has to to respond to a cit incident. the department concedes that will delay response time. we're at police headquarters, nbc bay area news. we have some breaking news to share with you. she was one of the most active and socially forward and well known first ladies of our time. but today, betty ford has died at the age of 93. betty ford was married to former president gerald ford for 58 years. he also died in 2006 at the age of 93. elizabeth ann warren ford was born april 8, 1918. she was known as betty ford and
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won't to also serve as the first lady of the united states from 1974 to 1977. she was very active in social policy, shattering lots of precedents and had a very moderate and liberal position on social issues despite being a republican. she was noted for fundraise go for breast cancer, for her also equal rights amendment pro-choice on abortion and the women's movement. but she probably was best known for being so candid about her issues with addiction. founding the betty ford center also, and being very raising awareness of addiction when she herself announced she was battling alcoholism in the 1970s. former first lady nancy reagan issued a statement a short while ago on the death of betty ford saying she is deeply saddened this afternoon when hearing of betty ford's death, saying, quote, she had been an inspiration to so many through her efforts to educate women about breast cancer and her wonderful work at the betty ford center. she was jerry ford's strength through some very difficult days in our country and i admired her
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courage. betty ford is survived by four children. we'll have more on the death of betty ford tonight at 11:00. here in the bay area, santa clara county had a case of the blue flu today. 10% of county employees called in sick. the social services agency was the only department that could not get to all the people who showed up. they were given vouchers to be first in line monday. the county's chief operating officer tells us about 1,500 people called in sick. santa clara is in the middle of labor negotiations. a pakistani couple escorted off a flight after hijacking hoax, after a hijacking hoax, is suing. they're going after american airlines and the san francisco police department. the couple claims they were held for several hours after being pulled off the fight. this was last august. authorities had been -- had been notified. authorities had been notified by telephone the plane would be hijacked.
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the threat was later deemed a hoax. just hours ago in san francisco, men allegedly approached a u.s. marshal, pointed to a nearby backpack and said it had explosive materials inside. the man then made some anti-government remarks and then walked away. this all happening outside the federal courthouse. that's when the bomb squad was brought in to investigate the bag, skog it only contained some personal items. the bag has been deemed harmless and the surrounding blocks which were shut down, reopened. the man who made the alleged statements was found nearby at u.n. plaza. he has been detained for questioning but he has not been arrested. a father, a son and a career soldier. a bay area family is grieving after learning that he was killed during insurgent attack in afghanistan. nbc bay area's tracy grant is live with more on the soldier. >> reporter: well, jessica, nicanor amper graduated from
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this high school in 1994. it wasn't long afterer that tha he began his military career. he started as a marine rifleman in october 1995. and then transferred to the army ten years later. the 36-year-old army sergeant was assigned to ft. knox when he got deployed to combat. he was working as a cavalry scout with his troop in the district near kost, afghanistan, when a group of insurgents attacked his unit with a rocket propelled grenade. he died on tuesday, july 5th. a memorial service is scheduled for him at ft. knox in kentucky on tuesday. and his family is planning to travel from the bay area to attend it. now we spoke to his father nicanor amper iii. he said his family is far too emotionally devastated to really talk about this tragic loss. he did say though that they are planning to have a funeral
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service for him when they return from ft. knox. they're not sure when it will be. they haven't had a chance to make any arrange. s. tracy grant, nbc bay area news. >> our condolences go out to the family. from your body to an iphone. the new technology allowing doctors to keep tabs on pregnant women while they're on the go. also ahead, getting the royal treatment. prince william and kate middleton touched down in so cal. we'll take you there live. plus in the waikes of two firefighters, we're hearing the story that left more than a dozen people homeless. the strongest push of fog we've seen all week arriving right now in san francisco. temperatures, 62 degrees. and we're seeing some cooling here in the south and the east bay as well. we'll talk all about 70-degree weather.
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that will make a big comeback.
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a nursing student who has been missing since may, once again the focus of a day-long fundraiser in hayward. family and friends are holding the event at sis learn. 20% will be donate to the ongoing effort to find the 26-year-old. we first told you about her vanishing on may 22 in hayward. >> it keep getting harder and harder. we have to stay focused. and we have to stay positive that she is out there. that she is alive. >> her family is hoping you'll come out and be a part of the fund-raiser. all you need to do is put them in order and tell the cashier that you're there in honor of the event. the red cross is continuing
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to help victims of a fire in san francisco's mission district this week. 26 people were forced from their homes when fire spread to several apartments. as nbc bay area tells us, the story of one fire crew that kept thing from getting far worse. >> reporter: fire rayed through the apartment building. he came face to face with the flames. >> very, very danger. a lot of fire. >> reporter: with the fire spreading, residents spilled into the street. >> i run away. i run away. a lot of smoke damage on my second floor. too much danger. >> we could barely even see the addresses as we were pulling up. >> reporter: as victims raced from the building, lieutenant chase wilson and her fire crew from station 32 were pulling up. >> they're screaming at us. she's still inside, she's still inside. go save her, go save her! >> reporter: despite thick smoke
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and flame, they headed inside to look for a missing resident. >> we had to crawl up the stairs. it was like zero visibility. it was hot. >> reporter: there in a stairwell they found the unconscious woman. >> we weren't able to just lift her up and carry her out. we had to kind of drag her down the stairs, the two of us. >> reporter: she was taken to sf general in critical condition. >> this is the compartment i'm talking about. >> reporter: firefighters like wilson will normally tell you risk is part of the job. but something has shaken them. wilson was among crews who responded to a fire in early june that killed two fellow firefighters. it is something that is always in her mind. >> i know i'm being more cautious as an officer. i'm thinking about, i don't want my crew to get hurt. i want my crew to go home to their families. >> reporter: those deaths crossed her thoughts the moment she ran into the building monday morning. >> for a second i was like, i'll going in above the fire. and then i was like, i've got to do this. >> reporter: but wilson learned today the victim she saved today
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recovered and is expected to be released. it is news that is helping her own healing. >> our job is, can be dangerous. you are in some dangerous situations. sometime you have to go for it. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> true heroes. a blastoff for the history books. >> 2, 1, 0, and liftoff! the final liftoff of "atlantis." america will continue the dream. >> there she goes. nasa successfully launching its 135th and final flight of the space shuttle program from an overcast cape canaveral, florida. the event inspired hundreds of people in the bay area to head to mountain view this morning to watch the excitement unfold on a big screen. >> reporter: are you excited about today? >> oh, yes. excited and sad. >> reporter: a sense of bittersweet filled the center
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along with dozens of people who traveled from as near and far away as finland to witness the space shuttle's final launch. >> sad to say that it is over now. there will be new thing coming. >> reporter: most came with heavy hearts. all with great expectations. >> reporter: what are you expecting today. >> lunch? >> reporter: beating the odds of an uncertain forecast and after a bereave hold in the countdown at 31 seconds, at 8:30 this morning, a launch is what they got. >> awe-inspiring. >> reporter: "atlantis" soared into the sky for the 33rd flight carrying four astronauts to the international space station for a 12-day mission. at one point, traveling four miles a second. >> the liftoff was really cool. >> reporter: the crew will deliver spare parts to the iss to keep operations going after the shuttle retires. >> it is excited the imagination of the american people, i think, just to be able to put humans in
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orbit around the earth. >> reporter: jack boyd has been working for nasa for more than six decades. he said while today's historic flits flight marks tend of an era, it marks the dawn of a new beginning. >> we have scientists here working on mars experiments. we have scientists here thinking about going to asteroids and what we can find there. >> reporter: even for the man who has almost seen it all -- >> the last time i saw something this exciting was apollo. >> reporter: today's launch left him speechless. >> what can you say? >> i can tell you, there were some tears in the room. very emotional for so many people. it was wonderful to see. >> we'll see what lies next for nasa. i know what lies next for jeff ranieri. some sunshine outside over the next couple days. maybe we'll get out and enjoy it. putting together that package working early this morning and then now here with us. triple duty. let's look at the heat here. livermore, 99.
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los gatos with 96. that's what we had once again on tuesday. and today those numbers did start to slide down even though it still felt pretty warm throughout the east bay. we had 95 in livermore. here's what we have. a lot closer to our averages with 86 in san jose. 89 in gilroy, 66 in san francisco. so the cooling is happening. it it's has just been very slow to get here. right now in san francisco, we do have the fog building right across the golden gate bridge. there is that trans america building. it will be shrouded with some fog as we head into tonight. 62 right now. we're also watching some noted cooling from napa to santa rosa with mid to upper 70s at the current moment. as for tonight, we'll see that patchy fog build for the coastline. also for the peninsula and the north bay. and then as we head throughout next week, i want you to get you ahead, we'll see the jet stream take a big shift. it will push to the south which is going to allow a lot of cool to cold air to move on in. that is going to drop our
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seven-day forecast. right now we're not looking at any rain in next week's forecast but those number will plummet, at least from what we dealt with. let's get a look. as we start off tomorrow morning, 55 in sunny vail. and by the noon hour we'll see most of the marked warming in livermore with 74. 76 in san jose. still in the cool side from san francisco to san mateo. if you're headed to san francisco for anything this weekend, it is not going to be nearly as hot as it was last weekend. if you're doing any traveling to the east coast, watch out for some major delays with thunderstorms stretching into new york, washington. right down to atlanta and even a tropical disturbance over miami, producing some weather there. we'll have details on this 70-degree weather. and when this big cooling will get here. my seven-day forecast is coming up. still ahead at 6:00, a caper straight out of a hollywood movie. we're learning more about the art thief who allegedly pull it off. also ahead, what teenagers
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soon will not be allowed to buy from a pharmacy. plus, threatening workers with weapons. the bay area pharmacist who is
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now on the run. the drug bust unveiled decomposed bodies in the hills west rutherford. authorities have arrested this man, 45-year-old carlos guerrero. arrested at his home for cultivation of pot and possession of firearms. a federal warrant was issued
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on thursday to arrest 50-year-old edward kluge. a pharmacist at tully. he was indicted. that pharmacist charged with falsely building medicare, medi-cal and other private insurance companies for more than $50,000 worth of goods and services between 2005 and 2007. a bill banning the sale of nonprescription drugs containing an ingredient known as dxm to a minor has been approved by the assembly public safety committee. it is commonly found in cold medicines sold over the counter. the bill says young people use to it get high. the practice is often referred to as robo tripping because it is included in robitussin. company in wr in opposition when he first tried to get a similar bill approved. >> that resistance has diminished over time as people have come to understand the problem is in fact widespread and is not going away.
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>> an official with the california poison control center said since 2003, dxm has been the drug which they receive the most calls about. 80% of though calls involve teens being treated in a hospital. the southern california man who created the bizarre sculpture called phone henge is sitting in jail tonight. 59-year-old ken faughey was scheduled to be sentenced for code violation but the judge decided to hold him on $75,000 bail because he has not taken down this structure. he will the court, he has not had enough time to tear down these buildings, nor does he have a crane to do it safely. he now faces another sentencing hearing on july 22nd. if he doesn't have it destroyed, he could face years in prison. his lawyer says if he does comply, he may get no more than a fine and community service. still ahead tonight at 6:00 -- >> when a mom goes into labor,
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doctors can now monitor her contractions in real-time on a mobile device. i'll have that story coming up. also coming up, the house makes a last-minute move to undermine the obama administration's policy on don't ask don't tell. a new development in caltrans' plan to install suicide cameras on its trains. we'll take to you southern california where the royal visit is in full swing. we'll be right back. >> we're going to talk to the ak
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ceo of firefox about who is
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tracking you. throwing out the red carpet. hollywood is ready for a different kind of celebrity invasion tonight. the royal kind. william and kate, yes, they did, they touched down a short time ago in the golden state. i know we all want to see what she's wearing. nbc bay area's gina kim has more on the crowds and the
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anticipation. >> reporter: the royal newlyweds' first official trip to the united states begins today. and it has host city los angeles in the throes of royal fever. >> i haven't really heard of royalty coming to america. especially to l.a. i think it is really cool they're coming here. >> definitely. you can't walk down hollywood or go to certain places and say, oh, hey, there's william and kate. i mean it is a special occasion. >> reporter: their first stop is the beverly hilton in beverly hill. home town one of the most glamorous events, the golden globe awards. they'll attend "variety" magazine's venture capital and new media summit to help promote british trade and investment. promoting british interests and international relations is what they've been doing for the past nine days in canada. the prince and princess wrapped up their canadian tour this afternoon at the calgary stampede, where they dressed like the locals and mingled with vip right up until their flight
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for the u.s. southern california is the couple's only stop during their three-day u.s. visit, though their close friends elton john and david and victoria beckham have homes here, they'll stay at the british consul general's mansion in l.a.'s historic hancock park. tomorrow, prince william plays at a charity polo match in santa barbara. and then he and kate will ming well hollywood royalty at a party for the british academy of film and television arts. >> here's a look at them stepping off the plane. gosh, she always looks so good, doesn't she? yes, she does. >> and as the royal couple continue their california swing, you can find complete coverage on our website. an art heist worthy of a hollywood script may end serving hard time in prison. 30-year-old mark lugo now faces two felony counts in connection to the theft of high value
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picasso sketch from a san francisco art dealer. he allegedly just walked into the winestein gallery and then pulled picasso's head of a woman right from the wall and simply walked out to hail a cab nearby. the new jersey man was eventually arrested the next day in napa. we're learning lugo once worked as a waiter in new york at a prestigious restaurant. cal train is putting the brakes on plans to install cameras on every train over concerns that suicide footage could be made public. cal train's board approved a plan to install 70 cameras by year's end. but first amendment concerns have caused a delay. the board says they may abandon the plane -- the plan, rather, if video footage of on-track cal train deaths would be public record. according to reports, it is still not entirely certain if suicide footage could be released to the public this year. ten people have died on the
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tracks. 11 died last year. california's unemployment insurance fund is broke and the state's independent analysts says fixing it will not be popular. the recession in high unemployment have hit the fund hard. it has been insolvent for two years now. >> that would be a plan that would get us back on track long term. not just to pay off the loan but to put us on the track where building a reserve so this problem doesn't happen in the future. >> the report says the state should double employer contributions, reduce unemployment benefits, and tighten eligibility for benefits. it would not go into effect until 2014 when hopefully the business climate in the state will have improved. it turns out jobs did not grow in june. the nation created only 18,000 jobs last month. now key member of congress are calling on the president to take some action. president obama today saying the results show the economic recovery may take a little
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longer than expected. nbc bay area's reporter has a look at the numbers. >> reporter: u.s. employment virtually stalled last month. a net growth of just 18,000 jobs. that nudged the unemployment rate to 9.2%. it raises serious recovery concerns. >> our economy as a whole just isn't producing nearly enough jobs for everybody who is looking. >> reporter: president obama blamed economic head winds, natural disasters, sky high gas prices and government budget cuts that slashed 39,000 jobs. in louisville, kentucky, a huge crowd, braved an early morning rain to apply for 1,800 jobs at a retooled ford plant. >> opportunities don't come around this often in this type of economy. i had to be here. >> reporter: while the economy added 6,000 manufacturing jobs in june, that's a drop in a very big bucket. >> anyway you cut this data, it is lousy. >> reporter: president obama called congressional leaders back to the white house on sunday to break the stalemate
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over the debt ceiling and government spending. democrats and republicans are united on one point. they don't like what they're hearing so far. >> we are not going to reduce the deficit or subsidize tax cuts for the rich on the backs of america's seniors and working families. >> there is no agreement in private or in public and as the president said yesterday, we are this far apart. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> taking aim at gay rights. the house pass ad defense spending bill with provisions that slowed the repeal of don't ask don't tell and reaffirmed the federal ban on gay marriage. the bill prevents the you've of defense funds to train military chaplains to perform same sex marriages. it prevents dollars for being used for any benefits including housing, education or medical services for same sex couples. gay rights advocates are blasting the bill for interfering with last year's
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don't ask don't tell repeal. and trying to tie it into the gay marriage debate. still ahead here at 6:00, there is new technology that is actually helping doctors monitor a pregnant woman as she go about her day to day life. and who casey anthony refused to see today as she remains in jail following her sentencing. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. on this friday, some cooler o numbers, the sun and what is to come this weekend. 86 in san jose and san francisco. tonight, 66. we'll have details on a much cooler weekendnd this new
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hurricane that is developed in
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the pacific.
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the florida woman acquitted of killing her own 2-year-old daughter is refusing a visit with her mother. casey anthony rejected her mother's request for a visit which was scheduled tonight at 7:00. cindy anthony and her husband george anthony both took the stand during the month-long trial. cindy's testimony that she was the one who conducted incriminal naturing internet searches is widely considered the bombshell that prevented a conviction against anthony. casey anthony was found giving -- found guilty of giving false information to police investigators and sentenced to four years in jail. because she has already serbed three years since her 2008 arrest, she is scheduled for a release a week from sunday. >> british prime minister david cameron's judgment is being called into question. his former communications chief, andy coulson, previously the editor of the popular paper, news of the world, is being investigated on phone hacking allegations that occurred during
6:40 pm
his tenure with the publication. nbc's michelle kosinski has more. >> reporter: only days after these terrible phone hacking allegations exploded once again in britain, one day after the news of the world announced it will cease to exist, two former employees of the news of the world have now been arrested. one is a former editor who was later hired as a communications director for the prime minister. something the prime minister now is again coming under fire for. >> the decision was mine and mine alone and i take full responsibility for it. >> reporter: the second person arrested is a report here actually did prison time for phone haqq for news of the world in 2007. the thing is since then and only recently, the allegations have ballooned to include possibly thousands of potential phone hacking victims, including the family of soldiers killed in battle and the family of murder victims. even in one case, the murder victim herself. the government now wants to know has this been going on at other newspapers? why did the original police
6:41 pm
investigation fail so abysmally in the words of the prime minister? why were police allegedly taking huge payments from journalists, and why did politician who's may have had wind that this was something much bigger, not do anything more about it? the prime said, look, who does the public trust? the police to protect them? politicians to represent them and the press to inform them. he said the public has been failed by all three and he won't rest until this is thoroughly investigate asked then fixed. back to you. >> all right. jeff ranieri now joins us on to talk about the week. a little cooler than what we've seen. >> it looks like you ignored the purple memo today. >> we're matching. >> i'm going with sunshine. >> yes. sunshine and inspiring another heat wave. >> i said we look like the laker girl. >> a basketball player, right? let's take a look. we do have the fog building across the coastline tonight. it is going to bring us some cooler change. we'll have details on how low
6:42 pm
those number will go coming up. and coming up on the sports desk, we'll have the latest on a very tragic ending at a baseball game yesterday. in texas. mourning the loss of a texas rangers fan. we'll see how the player are honoring that victim. we'll be right back. tonight at 11:00, californians have won some hard fought battles to protect our native redwood forests. now there is a new threat. climate change. we'll show you what you can do
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to help save our redwood forests.
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contractions at 2:00 a.m.? something i've never experienced. >> no problem. your doctor can monitor you from afar now. >> marian shows us how new technology is connecting doctors to moms in labor. >> reporter: meg became a mother this week giving birth to her healthy baby girl clara. she said her delivery went smoothly. >> the doctor was here right when it seemed like my labor was progressing and i thought it was perfect timing. but he clearly was well aware of what was happening. >> we can review the last four hours. >> reporter: aware, thanks to this. new technology that enabled the doctor to watch meg's contracks in real-time on his ipad or iphone. >> we're able to look at it instantly and provide help ensure the welfare of the baby. >> reporter: the doctor and other obgyns in redwood city
6:45 pm
have been using air strip ob for about two weeks. the doctor said the technology has even enabled him to monitor a patient when he was out of the country. >> we were in costa rica and i was looking at it. we were there last week and i was able to pull up the baby's heart rate and see what was going on from costa rica. >> reporter: before this app, nurses would have to read bed side monitors, call a doctor and verbally describe the what they were seeing. a tough and time consuming task. but now doctors can check in and see up to four hours of monitoring, including the baby's heartbeat and contraction patterns. that's not all. >> we can see what the patients' exams have been like, what her vital signs and blood pressure. >> reporter: this technology can be used for patient with heart disease to monitor for abnormal heart rates. but here at is sequoia hospital she feel like it helped her feel like her doctor was at her bed
6:46 pm
side even though he couldn't be there every hour. >> i appreciate the fact that it is like up, real-time informing. it is accessible from any place and it takes any kind of, doctors are just so aware of what's going on with your body and your labor and your delivery. and it takes so many risks out of this whole process. >> reporter: reducing risk to her baby and offering peace of mind that her doctor is just a heartbeat away. in redwood city. that baby is adorable. >> the question is who is happy that the week is here? i am. is the nice weather going to continue? >> it is. i'm going to raise my hand too. for you tomorrow we'll serve up some sweet weather right down into the south bay with more 80s coming on back. we are also looking at a lot cooler weather for the coastline. also especially the peninsula. today, 82 in redwood city. 86 in san francisco.
6:47 pm
84 in san traffic yes. i want to look out toward san francisco from oakland. you can see this bank of fog right there that just continues to push right up against san francisco. that will continually cool us down over the next couple days a this fog rebuilds each and every day over the next five to six days at this point. we've seen the biggest cooling craw the peninsula today. 66 in san mateo, 80 in sunnyvale. 88 in fairfield, 79 in santa rosa. let's look at the weather headlines. we will find that patchy fog continually forming and for the weekend, it will stay warm inland. here where it gets much better. ahead next week, if you like cooler weather, we have plenty of 70s coming on back. we have a system tow next 48 hours pushing to the northwest. this will not bring us any rainfall. just that on again, off again fog pattern for saturday and also sunday. so let's take a look at this pattern here. you can see as we head throughout 6:00 al, the fog will
6:48 pm
stack up at the coastline. we'll see most of the patchy fog. for those of you along the coastline and right through the peninsula, we may get a little patchy fog but not expected to be much. and little in the way of fog down in the south bay. you should start off pretty clear. by 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, all those places with fog will clear out with a very decent saturday coming back with a lot of sunshine. hurricane calvin as well near central and southern mexico off the coastline. we're doing any traveling to apart vallarta, that hurricane stretches over 400 mile. the wind speeds making this a minimal category 1 storm. not extremely strong. winds right now, 75 miles per hour. and all four cast models have this pushing out toward the sea and well away from the u.s. mainland. that's the good news. not a threat to the united states. for the morning forecast, we are looking at upper 50s and low 60s for tonight.
6:49 pm
and for saturday, it will still stay a little bit above average. but more on the warm side than hot from what we started at earlier this week. 77 in san mateo. 66 in san francisco, 69 in richmond. 85 in been easter. for the north bay, upper 70s and low 80s. and you can see as we head into next wednesday, thursday, and friday, instead of low 100s like we had earlier this week, 70-degree weather coming back. no forecast models have any rain coming our way but it does have us quite a bit cooler. >> still pleasant. let's get to sports. a sad memorial today for that baseball fan and hen rirk
6:50 pm
it is so sad that he was there with his son. >> that is the saddest part of the story, jessica. a trip to the ballpark turned into a tragedy for a texas rangers baseball fan yesterday. rangers outfielder josh hamilton tossed a ball into the stands. shannon stone attempted to catch the ball for his 6-year-old son but stone fell over the rail. now he fell about 20 feet. the 39-year-old firefighter was pronounced dead on the way to the hospital. baseball fans and players are wearing ribbons today in his memory. the rangers team president nolan ryan gave his condolences to the victim's family. >> one of the saddest thing i've ever seen at the ballpark. and as i said earlier, it really goes down to the basic roots of who we are and what we stand for. and as a father and a
6:51 pm
grandfather, my heart goes out to that family. and for ginny stone and for her son cooper. over to the a's and rangers, josh hamilton in the lineup today. one on for hamilton. singles to center. elvis andrus stops at second. next batter, hits to rosales. 1-0 texas. three batters later, bases load asked mike napoli, grand slam home run to left to make it 5-0. it is now 8-2, rangers in the sixth inning. the first place giants have earned 50 wins this season so far. that ranks third best in the national league. the champs looking for the third straight win tonight. and jamie has the latest on the orange and black. jamie? the last time ryan vogelsong faced the mets was his only bad
6:52 pm
outing. he gave up five runs in four innings. so you can expect a little redemption on his mind. >> aid bad outing the first time i faced them earlier this year. i think that was one of his first starts. first starts here so maybe a little more comfortable now. and see what we get tonight. >> any time the team gets here, you want to get him back. and i didn't remember that game. when you said it. but i'm sure he'll come out and, with his best stuff tonight. >> i think any time a pitcher has a rough outing against a team, they want to go out there and pitch well. they should be out of motivation. we talk about bumgarner when he came back, he pitched well. that's big for him. but he just does what he's been doing.
6:53 pm
he'll be just fine. >> reporter: mike fontenot was on the disabled list. reporting from at&t park, nbc bay area. >> thank you, jamesy. let's stick with the bat and ball. baseball fans had their say. the dodgers outfielder andre ethier has been added to the national league all-star team. he will replace shane victorino who has a torn ligament in his thumb. it appears nfl owner and players are closing in on a new collective bargaining agreement. how the u.s. court of appeal is still involved with this matter. today the court threw out a judge's order to lift the nfl lockout. negotiators plan to meet again monday. and before we get out of here, the ming dynasty is over. houston rockets center, yao ming has retired after nine seasons in the nba. ming played in only five games last season after missing the entire 2009 season with an ankle injury. 7'6" center, averaging 17 points
6:54 pm
and nine rebounds. he retires in the same year as shaq so now they can hang out together on the beach. two guys with very big feet kicking it in the sand. >> they're going to need a big umbrella to cover them. >> some big old swimsuit running thes, huh? >> thank you. >> very
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
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redwoods at risk and the one person who can save this california treasure is actually you. tonight scientists say they need your help more than ever and why you may be the one resource the redwoods need the most. that's tonight at 11:00 after an all-new "dateline." and rumor has it, jessica aguirre will make a presence on your show tonight. >> yes, coming up on digital 186 in a few more minutes. first we'll talk about the passing of betty ford. more on her life and legacy. plus the lost einstein papers. remember they burned in the 2005 -- 7 fire. the guy who owned them will be here. those are written to his fire. they were friends. so kind of interesting. we're also going to be talking bacon. a new competition going on in san francisco. more on the spacehuttle and
6:58 pm
jessica with ways to maybe raise some ways for education. >> and thank you to marla for stepping in. citi thankrd... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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